UE, is constantly pursuing new methods in manufacturing and processing to reduce hazardous waste in preserving our environment.
We have a deep concern for the environment and are committed to preserving the planet.

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United Electronics, Corp., Inc.
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       United Electronics, Corp., Inc. Established in 1984 is a world-class manufacturer of Single-Sided, Double-Sided and Multi-Layer printed circuit boards that are used throughout the Electronics Industry. We have been at our current location in Rosemont, Illinois since 1996 and in 2002 we built our own offshore facility to allow us to provide our customers with competitive global pricing. The key to the success of our company has been our belief that the customer comes first and that we must be able to provide pricing and delivery that will allow our customers to compete in the world market place.

The entire staff at United is highly trained and dedicated to meeting your printed circuit board requirements. Every order, large or small is monitored throughout the production process to assure compliance to customer specifications.

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